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Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a wedding, a corporate event or even just a small get together with friends, make it unforgettable by hiring Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman. Chef Elman combines fresh & local ingredients in creative ways to make savory, unique dishes that are sure to impress.

Vancouver Dinner Parties and Home Events

Hiring Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman for an event or party taking place at your home is a piece of cake. Chef Elman works with you directly to plan the menu taking into account dietary restrictions, allergies and personal preferences. After the menu has been decided and the evening has been planned out, Chef Elman plans out the prep work for the event including where and when to acquire the fresh, local and sustainable British Columbia ingredients that make his meals stand out as guest favorites.

On the days leading up to the event Chef Elman and his team prepare the dishes to ensure that the meal prep is completed in time for the event and all of the courses will be served when they are at their peak in flavour and freshness.

On the day of the event Chef Elman will arrive at your house at a prearranged time to prepare the kitchen and dining area for the meal. Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman will use your own kitchen to finalize the meal and finish off courses before serving.

At this point all you need to do is relax and let your private chef prepare, serve and entertain your guests. After the meal is complete Chef Elman will clean your kitchen and pack up and take away  any equipment that was needed for the event. You will get an amazing 5-star meal in your own home without ever having to lift a finger!

See our Vancouver Private Dining Menu here.

Vancouver Weddings and Corporate Events Catering

Having an event outside your home? Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman can accommodate any space and event while maintaining his signature quality and attention to detail. In order to accommodate your event, Evan and his team will prepare most of the food before hand and bring any equipment needed to complete the food before serving.

Our menu is a little different for larger events but it is still made from fresh, local ingredients and can be customized to fit any allergies, intolerances and preferences. See our Vancouver corporate event catering menu here.

For an unforgettable Vancouver Private Dining experience, contact Vancouver Private Chef Evan Elman today to plan your event.

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